For Parents

What makes this class different from other second grade classes?
Our class is comprised mostly of children who have been identified as having an above average IQ 
and in need of more than the standard curriculum may offer. Students in this class will most 
certainly still be exposed to the basic material all other second graders are, but with fewer 
exposures and at a more rapid pace. Emphasis will be placed on completing higher order 
thinking activities which require students to employ more than basic recall of facts. Higher order 
thinking is comprised of activities such as analyzing, predicting, drawing conclusions, making 
judgments, explaining justifications and making inferences.  Students in our class may spend 
more time working on project related assignments, working with a group, building research skills 
and growing into confident independent workers.

How can I contact you?
Please feel free to email me. You may do so by clicking on the email icon on the homepage of this 
website or at I will respond to most email within a few 
hours if during the school day. This is the easiest, most direct way to reach me for simple 
questions or to pass along information.

You may also call me here at school (754)323-5850.  I will return phone calls as soon as 
possible, but certainly within 24 hours.

The student agenda book is another important communication tool. Most messages from me will 
appear there and I will check them each morning for notes from you.

What is your classroom management routine?
Our classroom adheres to the Gator Goals which are clearly posted in our classroom. These 
four common-sense rules are absolutely necessary to maintain a positive atmosphere in which 
we all feel comfortable and are ready to learn. Students will always have a clear expectation of 
acceptable and unacceptable behavior.
The Gator Goals:
1. Gator Kids arrive ready to learn.
2. Gator Kids model the district character traits.
3. Gator Kids are kind to other and the Earth.
4. Gator Kids respect personal space and property.

We will track our choices, both positive and not so, on our Behavior Clip-Chart. The Clip-Chart 
allows students to be rewarded for positive choices while also providing directly proportional 
consequences for inappropriate behavior. 

Each student starts the day on Ready to Learn and then moves up or down the chart as their actions
dictate. Students who move down because of a poor choice have the opportunity to move back up 
the chart by making positive choices. Each day every student returns their clip to Ready to Learn 
and starts fresh. More information on the program and philosophy of the Clip-Up chart can be 
found here:  

We also celebrate good choices with our behavior bingo program through which students visit
the treasure box in our classroom.

What is Fun Friday?
Each Friday we will enjoy a half hour of free choice games in the classroom - Fun Friday.  The class 
works together to earn this time by moving the "Fun Friday Bus" located on our front board. The 
bus moves forward when the class earns a compliment, shows especially great behavior in class, 
at specials, at assemblies, or for various other scenarios presented by me. 

On this day only, students are permitted to bring in games from home, including hand held 
electronic games. Remember, the game is the sole responsibility of the student.

How do I get missed work if my child is absent?
According the Student Code of Conduct, your child is given 2 days to complete work from an 
absence for each day of the absence. Therefore, if your child missed 2 days of school, they would 
have 4 days from the date of their return to complete any missed work. Unless your child is absent 
for an exceedingly long period of time, work will be given upon their return.  Work will not be sent 
home with other students or be left in the office for you to pick up.

What if we're going away for two week?
The same rule applies for longer absences. Upon your child's return to class, they will receive the 
work they miss. Rest assured, they will be only the assignments of utmost importance.

Doesn't my child need harder spelling words?
Our spelling program focuses on the phonetic structure of the words being studied. In class, we 
review the commonality of the words and your child should be able to explain this to you at 
home. Through this approach, we can strengthen the ability to spell many words with familiar patterns, 
attempt to read new words with similar patterns, and become a competent speller of words that 
they will actually use on a daily basis.  There is truly no merit in learning to spell the word 
'entrepreneur' if it is a word that they most likely do not have a clear understanding of and will 
likely not use often.

What is the reading log?
Each night, Monday through Thursday,  the students are required to read for 15 minutes in 
addition to any homework that evening.  They should keep track of the time on the calendar page 
for that month in their agenda book. The students themselves should be entering the time they 
read, for example: 5:50-6:10. They should then obtain your signature or intials as verification. 
Periodically, I will spot check the reading logs and students who have been correctly keeping the 
log and reading each night Monday-Thursday will be rewarded.

What is the Daily Five?
The Daily Five is our literacy program.

When will I see my child's work?
Each Monday your child will bring home a folder containing all of the classwork and checked 
homework that was completed during the previous week. Take the time to review the papers 
inside with your child, paying close attention to any notes written by me. Please sign the attached 
sheet, make any comments you feel necessary, keep all of the work at home and return only the 
empty folder to school by Wednesday at the latest. Rewards will be given to those who return the 
folder on Tuesday.

Will there be chances to volunteer in class?
Absolutely! I value the assistance from the volunteers in my classroom. Opportunities to 
volunteer include Meet the Masters, Sunshine Math Grader, field day and party volunteers. I also 
need one parent to commit to helping out each Monday to help get the weekly work folders ready 
to go home. I will also occasionally ask our room parent to find volunteers willing to come in and 
help with other classroom tasks, such as working on special projects, cutting, organizing, or 
helping children edit their writing.

How can I help if I can't come into school?
There are MANY things that often need to be cut, counted and sorted or assembled. These can 
certainly be done at home. Just let me know that you are willing to do this type of work and I can 
send things home with your child.

How can we celebrate my child's birthday?
Birthdays are so special to our children and we love to celebrate with them, but there are a few 
guidelines we must remember. Treats for children's birthdays may only be brought in and served 
during the lunch period.  The Broward County Health Department requires that all such treats 
must be commerically prepared and have been purchased from a store.  Treats that can be 
individually served such as brownies, cupcakes, or cookies are acceptable, but cakes are not.  
Balloons, party decorations, and cameras are not permitted.  

Invitations to birthday parties must be handed out before or after class and only if each child in 
our class is invited. If only select students are being invited, please distribute the invitations 
outside of school.

Will there be snack time?
Yes! We will have a snack break before lunch. Please send a healthy snack with your child each day.
We would prefer snacks that do not need to be eaten with a spoon or fork. Great snacks to send in 
include crackers, granola bars, whole fruits, or pretzels. Children who forget snacks are not 
permitted to share, as per school policy.

What are the agenda book and homework guidelines?
Your child is responsible for writing in the agenda book each day and having it signed each night.  
Along with being a place to copy homework, the agenda book is the primary communication tool
between home and school.
Students are required to have a parent sign their agenda book each night. This will be checked 
each morning and failure to obtain a signature will result in the student moving their clip on 
our behavior management board. Writing down their homework, completing it with effort and 
obtaining a parent signature requires responsibility and is part of coming to school prepared to 
learn. These are two of our GATOR Rules. When you as a parent sign the book you are verifying 
that you did indeed know what the homework assignment was AND you have checked to see that 
it has been finished. Each homework assignment should be given careful attention and 
completed with maximum effort.

Homework in second grade should not exceed approximately 20 minutes. Additional reading for 
15minutes should be tracked in their reading log.

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