Meet the Teacher

About Mrs. Boehm

Mrs. Boehm has been a teacher for 20 years, all of them right here in Broward County. In fact, Mrs. Boehm has been part of the Broward County school system since she started Kindergarten herself at Miramar Elementary!

This is Mrs. Boehm when she was in second grade. Back then, she loved school but math and handwriting were difficult for her. She always loved to read though, and she would beg her mom to take her to the library all the time! She also spent a lot of time outside in her friend's treehouse, riding her bike, roller skating, putting on pretend fashion shows, and playing school or store. She also had a pretty impressive keychain collection and loved to make houses for her Barbies out of old boxes.

When she's not at school Mrs. Boehm loves spending time with her husband who is also a teacher. They take lots of weekend getaways to different parts of Florida, like Naples, Sanibel Island, and Orlando. In fact, see that pool in the picture below? That's Mrs. Boehm's very favorite hotel. She loves spending the day there floating down that lazy river in a big raft with her friends!
Mrs. Boehm feels really lucky to work at Gator Run because she loves all of the other teachers there. They have lots of fun traditions, like dressing up as a team for Halloween. All of the second grade teachers spend lots of time together outside of school too!
Of course, the very best part about being a teacher at Gator Run is being with such awesome kids every day! Mrs. Boehm is always looking for cool new things to do with her class, so get ready for a fun learning adventure this year!

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